Context, goals and criteria for the management and ongoing maintenance of the natural environment at Brackenridge Estate are defined in a set of three documents which were ratified and adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Homeowners Association in November 2023:

In accordance with the requirements of the original Environmental Exemption (2001) the Board of Trustees has established an Environmental Management Committee (EMC). The main task and mandate of the EMC is to oversee the implementation of the Environmental Management Plan. Another function of the EMC is to advise the Board in the case of plans, activities or developments that may impact on Brackenridge’s natural environment. The criteria for the constitution and operation of the EMC are laid down here:

The historical background to Brackenridge’s current environmental activities can be studied in two documents from the early 2000s. These outlined the environmental conditions under which permission for the creation of the Estate was granted in 2000, as well as the requirements defined in Brackenridge’s original Environmental Management Plan of 2001. (Note that the latter is no longer in force and has been superseded by the 2023 version listed above.)

The Environmental Control Officer (ECO) is responsible for the implementation and continuous updating of the estate’s Environmental Management Plan (EMP). He/she reports to the Environmental Management Committee (EMC) and liases directly with the Estate Manager for the professional planning, scheduling and control of environmental maintenance and management activities. The ECO’s reports are available for download here:

These documents are of interest to home owners who care for the indigenous flora and fauna on our Estate.

One of the major tasks in environmental management is the control of AIS, short fo “Alien Invasive Species”. We have found an excellent handbook, copies of which are available for loan at the Bracklenridge office: Jeremy Croudace’s 1999 “Alien Invasive Clearing Handbook for the Western Cape”:

Sample page form the handbook

A very practical, comprehensive guide to indigenous gardening in our area was compiled by members of the Botanical Society of SA and published in 2016. This brochure is also available at the Brackenridge Office – we highly recommend it!