The Brackenridge Environmental Sub-Committee was established in May 2023 and superseded by the Brackenridge Environmental Management Committee (EMC) in November of that year.

The original Sub-Committee was formed in response to a motion proposed and unanimously adopted by members present at the 2023 AGM of the Brackenridge Home Owners Association. This motion had called on Brackenridge to intensify its efforts towards the protection and enhancement of the unbuilt natural environment within our eco estate. This space constitutes a unique shared asset of some 70 hectares – an asset that is jointly owned by all residents.

The role of the Environmental Subcommittee was to (a) advise the Board on environmental matters and (b) to enable Brackenridge residents to actively engage in the preservation and enhancement of the Estate’s commonly owned natural environment. The Subcommittee was represented on the Board by Mr. Nico Westraat, the holder of the Board’s Landscaping and Building portfolio.

The inaugural sub-committee comprises of three Brackenridge residents and two ex officio members:

  • Dr. Deborah Constant of 1 Erica Heath
  • Mr. Steve Harcourt-Cooke of 8 Orchid Valley
  • Dr. Chris Meister of 50 Protea Dale (Chair)
  • Mr. Boet Grobler, Brackenridge General Manager – ex officio member
  • Mr. Nico Westraat, Trustee – ex officio member