Fauna Interest Group: Report 17 March 2024

Greenridgers Fauna Interest group report

17 March 2024

The tortoise group met on 9 February 2024 to discuss interest and practices to protect the tortoises during the planned burn. The following emerged:

Tortoises hibernate and have hatchings between May and September – they hide under bushes/rocks and stay still for protection from wind and rain. Thus locating any near burn zones (planned for June) will be important.

They should not otherwise be disturbed or corralled unless in danger. Tortoise 5 is 60+ years old and a special case.

The tortoise database (read-only excel file) which records location and date with an image of sightings was added to the Greenridge website on18 March 2024. This information is for those interested but also aims to protect our tortoises from removal and damage. It will be updated quarterly.

There will be a social media blitz on Monkeyridge 2-3 days before the planned burn asking for sightings and location of tortoise. Monitoring and relocation of those in danger will be attempted.

Aside from multiple snake sightings by residents over the hot months of summer, there have been few reports of buck and bushpigs on social media.

The tortoise group keeps a constantly updated data base where all sightings are being recorded – click here to download the file (in write protected pdf format). If you would like to add a new sighting to the original Excel data base, please contact the group convenors (Monica – 082 459 1539, Ashley – 084 514 8117.)

Tortoise sightings (sample page). – Click the image to download the 2023-2024 data base