Birding Group: Annual report 2023-March 2024

The Brackenridge birding group does a monthly walk through around the estate to log what birds are about in the estateĀ – everyone is welcome to join in.

Long Crested eagle which we see overflying the estate.

To date our bird list has developed to around 40 species of the total of 96 species that have been recorded on the estate.

What we have also found that there are mornings that we have a lean diversity and others where we encounter almost a full complement that is on the estate. This is probably a combination of the time we start off, luck and what nutrition there is for the birds on the estate.

Diedrich Cuckoo, one of our summer visitors.

One thing that is remarkable is the role gardens play in both attracting birds and providing suitable habitats and sources of nutrition for our bird population. We now approach autumn where many of the migrants are feeding up for the long journey north.

Grahame Fogel, March 2024