Greenridge Fauna Monitoring

The diversity of fauna on our estate is amazing – buck, mongooses, tortoises, frogs, bushpigs and reptiles are regularly sighted. Our group’s aim is to log these sightings and to protect the varies species.

The Estate Tortoises

These large tortoises range widely over the estate on the paths, the grass belts, in gardens and also on the road. In August the tortoises generally come out of hibernation and have been spotted repeatedly. Some have very distinctive behaviours and can move very fast for a tortoise!

We register our tortoises on a database with the help of interested residents posting sightings and helping mark new ones. Marking of un-numbered ones should be done with a broad tip permanent black marker and needs to be made distinctive due to the shell texture. To date (November 2023) we have 9 registered large tortoises, with information on their sex and sighting date and location. Numbers 4-9 have been seen since September 2023, 1-3 have not re-appeared. – For the latest Fauna Interest Group Report (17 March 2024) and their regularly updated Tortoise Database, please click here.

Our Estate’s Buck

Buck have often been seen near our back gate and also on front lawns in Bitou Glade at night. However the grysbok sightings have diminished over recent times. The Greenridgers Fauna will also focus more on evidence of buck and bush pigs through reports of encounters, camera sightings and tracks.

Through collaboration of residents we can maintain what we have and even improve the tenuous eco balance. We will monitor all the Fauna through mutual collaboration on the Greenridgers Fauna communication group.

Group convenors and contact details:

Tortoises: Monica – 082 459 1539 / Ashley – 084 514 8117

General Fauna: Debbie – 072 252 7415 / Grahame – 082 333 9003