On the Trails

The walking trails that crisscross Brackenridge and pop out unexpectedly between houses and into quiet hidden cul-de-sacs are a precious feature of our estate.

Have you tried the new ones? Do you sometimes plan to meet someone but can’t name where to start? Sometimes wind-up at the bottom of the hill unexpectedly?

The On the Trails-project group will map all our trails and fire belts onto the well-known Brackenridge Estate map for all residents to download from The Greenridge website.

Each trail will then get a name and small signs will be put up to indicate start and end points, divisions and junctions.

Special trees, plants, and other features encountered will also be identified and labelled.

Ongoing activities for the group will involve walking our paths regularly to ensure they are kept in the best possible shape by notifying on The Greenridge Facebook page about damage, flooding or other problems that arise that our Estate manager needs to attend to. Naming and mapping our trails, keeping these up to date and helping to keep the paths in shape will assist The Greenridge Birders, the Flora Finders and the Flora Restoration-project group who help control alien growth.

If you would like to see where we stand at current please take a look at the “Status Report 20 March 2024” – it might give you an idea of the tasks lying ahead for our interest group!

Would you like to

  • Help map the trails
  • Propose a name for your favorite estate trail
  • Help build and erect the signage
  • Help ensure that trails are in good shape
  • Help labelling special trees and plants?

If so, please contact Deborah, the group convenor.

Contact details: 072 252 7415 / deborah.constant@uct.ac.za