Flora & Fauna Finders

The Greenridge Flora & Fauna Finders are continously identifying and mapping the plant species found on our Estate in order to keep an updated biodiversity record. A first comprehensive biodiversity survey done in August 2023 by Dr. Patricia Holmes lay the foundation for this effort; it already listed more than 350 species. Meanwhile, this list has been extended to some 389 species by March 2024 and is still growing.

Plant identification and geo-located mapping is done with the free smart-phone app iNaturalist, a citizen science tool where experts verify the suggested identifications. Take a look at our The Bracken Ridge-Project on iNaturalist – it’s really a marvelous tool and easy to use!

When using iNat a few points should be observed:

  • try and take more than one photo if possible
  • try to capture the overall appearance of the plant
  • photograph the leafs upside and underside and also any seeds or flowers if present
  • take a photo of any other interesting feature

Once your photos have been uploaded take a look at the suggestions coming up in the app. Do you recognize a specific one? Choose one and wait a couple of days for suggestions by the other users to be added: now you can see what the common opinion is.

A recent example: a snake found in a garden was put in as “rhombic nightadder” – but within a couple of hours seven other usyers had already commented and pointed out that it was in fact a puff adder!! Good to know…

The app is not only for our personal interest but also helps researchers to find areas of interest for their specific research projects – may that be insects, reptiles or fynbos.

If you want to join this fun group, please contact Angela, the group convenor.

Group convenor: Angela Meister

Contact details: 082 82 55 7373 / angela@zenshiatsu.co.za